WPA Sponsored Thematic Congress on Dementia,

15-18.05.2019 – Ohrid, Macedonia



Wednesday 15 May


17:30 – 19:00   Opening Session

Chair of the Organizing Committee (2-3 min.)

Antoni Novotni (Macedonia)


Chair of the Scientific Committee (5 min.)

WPA President Elect

Afzal Javed (UK)


Minister of health of Republic Macedonia (5-10min.)


WPA President / President of the Congress (30 min.)

Helen Herrman (Australia)

“Partnerships in dementia care worldwide”


19:00               Welcome reception



Thursday 16th May


9:00 – 11:00     Plenary session 1

Prof. dr. Alexander Kurtz (Germany)

Time is on our side

Prof. dr. Bengt Winblad (Sweden)

Current and future treatment of Alzheimer disease

Ass. Dr.Gabriela Novotni (Macedonia)

Alzheimer’s Disease –  risk factors,  prediction, prevention and the road ahead


Prof. ZvezdanPirtosek (Slovenia)

Jing and Jang – cognition and movement, Alzheimer and Parkinson



11:00 11:30   Tea/Coffee Break


11:30 13:30   Plenary Session 2

Prof. dr. Nenad Bogdanovich (Karolinska University, Sweden)

Alzheimer’s Disease – diagnostic challenge and therapeutic possibilities

Prof. dr. Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska (UK)

Dementia and biomarkers

Prof.dr.Manfred Windisch (Austria)

“Drug development for Alzheimer’s disease: Are we close to a success?”


13:30 14:30   Lunch / Industry Symp.


14:30 – 15:30   Meet the WPA session


15:30 – 15:45   Tea/Coffee Break


15:45 – 16:30   Workshop

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas G. Schulze (Germany)

Building global psychiatric research networks: Opportunities for low and middle income countries and early career investigators


16:30 17:15   Session for Early Career Psychiatrists/Neurologists/Psychologists

Meet the experts:

Prof. dr. Alexander Kurtz (Germany)

Prof. dr. Bengt Winblad (Sweden)


17:30 18:30   Poster session


17:30 18:30   Paralel short oral presentations / Session 1


17:30-18:30     Paralel short oral presentations / Session 2


19:00 – 20:00   Concert / St.Sofia Church

(150 persons= EC WPA + Faculty + Org.Committee + Guests)


20:00               Faculty Dinner



Friday 17th May


9:00 – 11:00     Plenary Session 1

Academic Prof.dr.Vladimir Kostic (Serbia)

Parkinsonism and Dementia

Prof. Ian McKeith (University of NCL, England)

Lewy body Disase (LBD)


11:00 11:30   Tea/Coffee Break


11:30 13:30   Plenary Session 2

Prof. dr. Elka Stefanova (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Progress and Challenges in Frontotemporal Dementia Research

Prof.Raj Kalaria (University of NCL, England)

Clinical and pathophysiological aspects of  vascular dementia

Prof.Maja Trost

The role of PET imaging in early and differentia diagnosis of dementia


13:30 14:30   Lunch / Industry symposium


14:30 – 15:30   Session for Early Career Psychiatrists/Neurologists/Psychologists

Dr.Hartmut Lehfeld PhD, (University of Erlangen, Clinical Hospital of Nuremberg, Germany)

Neuropsychological Assessment of Dementia


15:30 – 16:00   Tea/Coffee brake


16:00 17:30   WPA Debate: Current ICD 11 Guidelines on Diagnosis of Dementia


17:30 18:30   Poster session


17.30 18:30   Paralel short oral presentations /Session 1


17:30 18:30   Paralel short oral presentations /Session 2


20:00               Gala Dinner (for all participants)



Saturday 18th May


9:00 – 11:00   Plenary session

Prof.dr.Iva Holmerova (Alzheimer Europe)

Quality of Dementia care and Alzheimer Europe activities

Prof.dr.Magda Tzolakis MD PhD (Greece)

Management of Dementia in 21st Century

Prof.dr. Ninoslav Mimica MD PhD (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Dementia care and social inclusion


11:0011:30   Tea/Coffee Break


11:30 13:30   Oral Communication – Dementia Experts from the Region (15 min.)

Prof.Lacezar Trajkov (Bulgaria)

Ass.Prof. Natasa Klepac (Croatia)

+ Representative of Patients & Families groups


13:30 14:00 Wrap up and Closing Remarks / Ohrid Declaration on Dementia




As per this template we propose to have:

o          6 Plenary sessions (25-30 min.) with 3 speakers (18) – 14 Dementia experts are already invited and accepted the invitation, 4 plenary speakers will be recommended by WPA (members of EC WPA)

o          2 workshops / 2 sessions for Early Career Psychiatrists /Neurologists /Psychologists

o          2 poster sessions

o          4 parallel oral sessions / 2 per day (oral communication 7-10 min),  timing:17.30h-18.30h. – using two smaller halls (if the number of submissions is higher, we can review the timings for each speaker)

o          One debate: Dementia between psychiatry and neurology (ICD 11)

o          One Meet the WPA session

o          One Meet the experts session

o          We need some space in the agenda  for  Pharmaceutical Symposia (potential sponsors)


Depending on the number of abstracts, extra oral presentation session can be arranged

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