Gabriela Novotni is a neurologist working at the University Clinic of Neurology in Skopje, Macedonia since 2009.

* 2017-present-established and constantly improving dementia outpatient clinic at the University Clinic of Neurology, Skopje, Macedonia

* 2016- present – DNA bank for genetic research in Alzheimer’s disease, FTD and Lewy body Dementia in collaboration with genetic laboratory “Prof.d-r Georgi Efremov ”, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

* 2018 March, founder and president of NGO Institute for Alzheimer’s Disease and Neuroscience

* 2016-present-participating and giving lectures at educational workshops and media to rise public and professional awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease

* PhD candidate, Doctoral theses- Identification and evaluation of risk and prognostic factor for Alzheimer’s disease

* Special interest in Alzheimer’s Disease, neurodegenerative disorders, movement disorders, neurogenetics, rare neurological disorders, TTR-Amyloidosis, neuroimmunology

* Membership-Macedonian Neurology Society, Macedonian Physicians Society, Macedonian Medical Chamber, European Academy of Neurology-associate member, ECTRIMS Council member